Dr. Jon Gatten Chiropractic Clinic

Cost of Care

Chiropractic care costs are completely covered for WSIB claims, and for treatment for injuries sustained as a result of motor vehicle accidents under Automobile Insurance legislation. 

Many personal insurance companies cover all or part of chiropractic care costs. 

Most patients, however, do not have access to personal insurance coverage, or find insurance coverage too costly.  Thus, it is in their best interests to obtain the most cost effective and efficient care available.  Our efforts are to provide this care with the minimum number of visits possible to achieve a reasonable level of functioning or pain management.  Occasionally, initial examination costs are higher due to the underlying complexity of the patient case, but this only entails that more effective clinical approaches can be directed, sometimes from two or more healthcare providers. 

This clinic does not provide "contract care" over extended time frames, and we do not provide radiographic (x-ray) screening  procedures. 

A specific list of examination and treatment fees can be provided by contacting us at 519-843-1490 during regular clinic hours.